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All services are now held onsite with a few remaining COVID restrictions in place. Mask wearing is now optional while in the building. However, let's be considerate of others who are at higher risk for suffering severe COVID disease.  

Pastor’s Bible Study is this Wednesday @ 7 pm. Pastor’s Bible Study can be viewed on Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube; or listened to via the Prayer Line (Church Conference bridge: 443-770-3377 passcode 92632#) 

Join Oak Street’s DAILY MORNING PRAYER CALL every day of the week at 7 am using the Church Conference bridge: 443-770-3377 passcode 92632#;

Join us for MID-WEEK MEDITATION at Noon on every Wednesday using the same number and passcode as above

Coronavirus is still here. Let’s stay vigilant by washing our hands for 20 seconds, (optionally) wearing a mask, staying safe, staying active, staying strong, and getting vaccinated & boosted.


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